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Zayd’s Story

My grandparents moved here from Pakistan to find a better life for themselves at the heart of the commonwealth. Both grandfathers separately established the first masjid in Newcastle and the second masjid in Birmingham.

Their youngest children (my parents) met at Leeds university and became a doctor and a management consultant, both spending most their time on community work and working with government to build interfaith and religious understanding. Two of their siblings received OBEs and one became her majesty’s deputy for business in the Midlands.

I am now a psychotherapist developing a psycho spiritual model that intends to unite and synthesise many historical and modern models of transformational work. The purpose is to have a foundational model for cultures and institutions worldwide to use in understanding how to shape existence with an understanding of what people are and what they are capable of. To have as mainstream knowledge what is generally thoughts asthenosphere property of niche or esoteric knowledge about how people can explore the nature of consciousness and reality and bring all of their best qualities and intelligence into life.

There is a nice lineage of unity and transformation in our line and it’s a wonder to be part of this and expand it in concentric circles to make existence a harmonious place for all.

- Zayd, Manchester

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