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Peter’s Story

My father come to England as a student with the dream of eventually bringing me, my sister and mother to settle in the UK to build a better life.

My mother came from a wealthy family who had ties to the Buganda Royal Family, her father was sent to the UK in the 70’s to study to become a Barrister. My father married her at a young age and she followed him in his dream to come to the UK.

Me and my sister eventually arrived when I was 9 years old. It was a lifestyle shock. The weather, food and culture where alien to us. Growing up I experienced racism but not to the extreme. It was mainly verbal ignorance.

But I have grown to love the UK. This great nation has given our family a great opportunity to build a lasting legacy. The opportunity to study for free and gain a Degree. My father has managed to build multiple estates back home in Uganda through hard work and determination.

The way I see it, people will always choose the easiest scapegoat to blame for current problems. But one’s own internal compass must focus on the fact that ignorance is a disease. A disease that can be cured by beating the odds and rising above the hate.

That’s all.

- Peter, London

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