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Taznim’s Story

My grandad moved here in the 50s from Bangladesh and later he and his brothers opened up a restaurant in brick lane. Many of the Indian restaurants in London to this day are Bengali owned. He was part of the generation that set the foundations for other British Bengalis/ Muslims to feel at home in the U.K. by setting up halal food options and mosques. Today one in four Muslims in London are Bengali. Once my grandad and his brothers created roots here they brought their families here too. My mum arrived in the 90s and she brought my dad in 2003. There are so many sacrifices when it comes to immigrating to another country. My parents have not lived in Bangladesh for decades now but, both of them still consider it their home. Nevertheless, like many other immigrants my parents and grandparents came here looking for opportunity and today because of them I am here. Writing this. :))))) Thank you Nana

- Taznim, London

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