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Sophia’s Story

My mother came to the U.K. from Ukraine, whilst this is not an adventurous story to show her journey to the U.K. travelling through Europe, this is a story of how immigrants can look part of today’s society and live within it whilst struggling on a daily basis. Today she struggles to do many things such as further her career because she can’t stay here. The struggle of being so cautious as to not do anything wrong for fear of police finding about her status. We almost had a close call when travelling to Scotland and boarder control wouldn’t let her through. We had to go back. Whilst this isn’t heartbreaking many people today struggle to do some many things to live in this country. She is expected to apply for her citizenship but how can she if her immigrant status disallows her to work for enough money to survive and pay for her citizenship? She travelled her to have her child in England and I can see why as all her life she is restricted to do what she wants and needs, but any day here for her is much better than living in the east of Ukraine in a war torn environment. She came get so her child could have a future whilst she is deprived of many things and is stuck in a viscous loop of never being able to afford a British citizenship.

-Sophia, London

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