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Nayeema’s Story

I am an immigrant. Well kinda. My family and I came to the UK when I was 1. Today I am a 21 year old law student at a Russel group university. A lot of my life experiences due to being part of an immigrant family is undoubtedly got me where I am today. They’re also kind of sad and show how sometimes the country we are in, are not always there for you. Being an interpreter at 6 years old, signing official forms at 12 and listening to your mums pains at the doctors go unheard of due to misunderstandings and bias. I love being British though. It gave me a lot of opportunities and has made me more aware of my own heritage and story. The history is so interlinked and amazing to hear. I remember learning about the war at school then hearing it from my own grandfathers mouth from the perspective of a citizen of a colonised country. It’s amazing how we are where we are at today. So far being an immigrant has made me different and stand out. But it has also taught me life skills that I know I will be using in the future. I can’t wait to know where I will be at in another 10 years.

- Nayeema, Oldham

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