The British Library

Jasmin’s Story

My father and grandparents immigrated to England shortly after the partition in India. Due to how the British reigned over India afterwards people were divided and there was a lot of civil war between cultures and religions, my grandparents witnessed people being killed in the streets, and having to hide with younger siblings in their house as to not be attacked. Growing up in Newcastle I felt like I didn’t Identify anywhere, almost ashamed of being “different” as many of my friends were never educated in any way about cultures other than their own. Would many times ask odd questions about my life because I was Indian. After being educated more on my heritage and background I couldn’t be prouder to be Indian, it’s interesting to see how a country which I always saw as home ruined what was home for my family. I now feel many ways about English government and what has never been acknowledged.

-Jasmin, Newcastle

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