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Elizabeth’s Story

I came to the UK in 1985 April. I was a few months shy of 22. My boyfriend was older than me and had lived in Kenya since 1952. We waited for a year for him to get a divorce and we got married at Eastbourne Town Hall on 6th December 1986. He died in December 10 1990. He was 62. Because I was young, I didn question the fact that he worked for the colonial police before and after independence. I had to star work and that is when I met Racism. Everyone it seems in the 80’s and 90’s had the right to say racist stuff to me or about black people even in my presence with “ not yo, youre different” comment. I am now 55 and about to graduate at UCA Farnham BA Fine Art. I now consider myself British / Kenyan or, British Black African. I love Britain and since my encounter with Double Dutch and other works by Yinka Shonibare, I appreciate who I am.

Thank you Yinka Shonibare.

-Elizabeth, Himdhead, Surrey

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