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Arina’s Story

Having lived in Sydney, Australia for 8 years and prior to that in Russia, I moved to London last year. Transition to a new country is always challenging and pushes people to reevaluate their life priorities. The process of settling to another country can plant a seed of doubt and shake even the most confident professionals. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find a job here or friends who would support me and accept me. I found both but still I am wondering why was it so necessary for me to move? It feels like a self-torture sometimes. Why do people want to migrate when everything is already ok at home? That is something I am wondering about. I understand why people escape from war, conflict or economic difficulties, but people like me who are happy at home, why are we looking outside for stimulus? Why can’t we find it at home, within our community? It is bothering me, but I can’t resist a powerful drive to migrate. I know it’s not only me, it is a society that endorses travel, adventure, opportunities. It is a sweet fantasy that in reality reveals another story: lost confidence due to the loss of social connections, uncertainty, stress. I don’t know why I am doing it to myself. I will probably move again next year.

-Arina's Story

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