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Ada’s Story

Throughout most of my life I lived in my home country, Poland. My mum stayed at home to look after me and my dad worked as a builder, jobs soon became harder to get and they were not paying really well so my mum decided to fly to England to when I was 7 as my aunt said that lives better there. My mum and I moved to England first while my dad stayed in Poland and earned money to send to us, I didn’t see my dad for multiple months while I had to live with my aunt for about 6-8 months. We later found a place to stay near my aunts and for the next two years I lived in a single room with both my mum and my dad, throughout this time I went to school as normal. I couldn’t have my friend over as there was not much room, and I couldn’t speak English properly. Now I moved into a flat with my parents and I go to high school as usual, we started of at a low point but I’m together with my parents and we live in a stable home.

-Ada, Croydon

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