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Fiona’s Story

We came to England in 1988 When Museveni went to war and tookover. A devastating time for all and especially for those who were not able to leave and return when things got better.

We were fortunate to be able to come to England, which was only meant for a short while until my father could rebuild what we lost in the war. My father past away in1992 which meant a change of plan, mum had the responsibility of looking after 6 children in a small council flat.

We had a good life before the U.K, it’s ludicrous to believe that one would rather be anywhere but home.

My grandfather once a Ugandan president(Joel Wacha Olwol and grandmother Alice Wacha) made sure we got a good education and taught us to be strong independent women just like our grandmother.

When asked where I come from, I say I am Uganda and very proud even though I have a British passport. I am grateful to be here and the opportunity granted to me which I never take for granted.

-Fiona, London Bridge

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