The British Library

David’s Story

I immigrated here from America in 2018 for my wife.

I left everything behind, and came here because we like it more here. I’m proud of living here and contribute immensely, but feel mischaracterised. America invested in me for years and now all my taxes pay for British schools, hospitals, and roads. I hope one day I can be a citizen and truly call it mine, but until then I’ll keep paying and hoping that I don’t get thrown out. Be careful who you demonise. You might one day wish you had the contributions of the people you’re keeping out.

We’re desperate for people in finance. I didn’t steal anyone’s job, I’m just helping London become the foremost hub for my field. I love you and hope one day to call you my brothers. And until then, let my actions vouch for my character and commitment to your people.

-David, London

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