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Cora’s Story

My grandmother and grandfather immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago to London just after the wind rush. When they arrived, they found a house to raise their evergrowing family in Ealing, but found it hard to buy the property due to the increasing appearance of signs reading “No Dogs, No Irish, No Blacks”. They persevered and were successful. My mother was born during an incredibly difficult December, and that was the first time my grandparents had seen snow. Apparently my grandmother was fearful to leave the house when it first started falling. However she was determined to get her daughter baptised at the local church, so she walked through the snowstorm only to find the church was closed due to the bad weather conditions. She was so cold she dropped my mother in the snow (accidentally, of course). My grandparents names were Clare and Horace Sobers.

-Cora, North London

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