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Barbora’s Story

I came to London in August 2002 to improve my English and initially to stay for 6 months.

Six months became 17 years. London is such an exciting multicultural city, it captivated me and I decided to stay here and settled.

I am the first generation of immigrants, and it wasn’t always easy.

You have to first learn the language well enough to get the job you like, there are no shortcuts in a way that family or friends can recommend you for an interview, as I came here without anyone, you have to work twice as hard to prove you can do the job.

But it all makes you stronger.

I love british openness, I always feel like you can achieve anything if you put your mind into it.

Britain has a long history of immigration and all the people, leaving their homes and moving somewhere unknown for whatever reason, are brave. They enrich the british society.

I am proud to be one of them.

-Barbora, Potters Bar

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