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Antje’s Story

I was born in East Berlin and grew up behind a wall. My mum was a translator and met a British guy in the course of her work. It took him 6 years to get both of us out of East Germany, as no one was really allowed to leave. While I fell in love with my new life in London, my mother struggled and eventually returned to Germany. I went to school & university here, worked, met my husband. I felt at home and happy. London was my home more so than Berlin had ever been, especially after reunification when it changed forever. My husband found work abroad so I have been on the move since leaving London with him. Now that I want to come back, I suddenly find myself feeling uncomfortable in my adopted home country with its newly hostile environment towards EU citizens with politicians and the media being able to openly rail against us. I feel lost and worried.

-Antje, London/Stuttgart

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