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Andrea’s Story

Born and raised in Italy, I decided to move to the UK for a more prosperous future. With the hope to change the world, I fear the world would change me. The morals and ideals I once upheld were at risk of becoming mere memories of a life that no longer belonged to me. Understanding where I come from is vital. Yet, knowing and deciding where i am going becomes essential to comprehend the true meaning of my place on this planet.

I used to believe that each and everyone is unique in their own ways. However, I found that by setting these innate differences aside, we as human beings find our role within the community.

It is clear the tumultuous times we live in. For it is only trough introspection and self critique that we may find our way to a better tomorrow. It is often said that acknowledging the issue is the first step to solve the problem. However, we shall not stop there. The first step does not mean the only step. Because it does not solve the problem it does not mean it cannot be part of the solution.

We must stand up as global community. Shifting our focus from what divides to what brings us together. Values of peace, justice and prosperity should be our main drivers. Inclusivity and cooperation will lead us to achieve knowledge and solutions we never thought possible.

-Andrea, Italy

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