The British Library

Ana’s Story

Usually when I travel to London the first thing I do is head straight to Tate Modern to wash my eyes with newness. Yesterday I got her on a business trip, 3 days ahead of Brexit, and I craved something that had stood the test of time, so I made my way to Tate Britain instead.

I was lucky to call the UK my home for 5 deeply defining years as an art student, during which I feel like I experienced the whole world.

It was here that I learnt that everything is interesting; to embrace otherness; to systematically challenge my assumptions; that there is no such thing as normal; that each individual is their own wonderful universe of possibilities. It was here that I was radically challenged by ideas that were new to me, and that I fell in love with thinking.

My professors taught art theory as we stood in front of the Old Masters as well as our contemporaries.

My love for this country, its culture and its people, the different accents, the sense of humour, the pragmatism, the charisma, the unique combination of tradition and modernity is very real.

The exceptional artists (from JMW Turner to Shonibare) whose work I encountered whilst living in this country instilled in me an idea of greatness I have associated with the UK ever since.

-Ana, Portugal

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