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Aliza’s Story

My grandparents immigrated here from India around the mid 20th century. Despite coming from barely anything, through hard work and resilience, they built a life here. As Jewish Indians we have quite a different culture but I’m glad I have both this and British influences in my life, giving me a well rounded perspective. I understand what they went through, which makes me greatly appreciate my life here. I appreciate the power of education and know that my grandpa had to leave school at the age of 9 to work. I think it’s hugely important to recognise the sacrifices our families have made as immigrants and embrace different cultures and change. I hope to see a world one day where people aren’t treated worse due to being different or having an accent, and rather we celebrate their amazing stories. There’s much more I could share but I’d like to end with the fact that each immigrant has a unique story and we should aspire to learn about them and appreciate them.

-Aliza, Marlow

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